Fuencaliente, natural set.

Cinematographic locations have, not only an economic value, an impact for the visitor who chooses to relive an experience of the images seen on the big screens.

At an international level, Fuencaliente de La Palma has been a key place to film in its wonderful attractions and landscapes. An example of this has been the filming of the movie “The Lost World” in 1977, starring Patrick Wayne (John Wayne’s son) and directed by Kevin Connor; or recently, the new film nominated for the Oscars 2021, “Good Morning Midnight”, directed by George Clooney. In addition to cinema, advertising agencies have worked in the most picturesque corners of the municipality, such as Shangay magazine, which in the words of the admired Mónica Naranjo, describes La Palma as a “secret paradise”. Currently, the Spanish brand ZARA has chosen to launch its latest campaign for the men’s line, in the volcanic landscapes of the south of the island. And on the small screen, a famous German television has created an entertainment space, known as WRS Reisen, in the travel program Wunderschön!, Making every corner of the island known; and at the national level, TVE has highlighted the gastronomic customs of the municipality with the famous and appreciated Ana Duato, in the program, “A country to eat it”.

This municipality is committed to providing film and advertising producers with great locations suitable for filming full of sensations. Its climatic and landscape conditions, pine forests, volcanoes, coasts; and its offered security is key to attracting millions of viewers.

Many visitors want to know the place, walk through the streets, have a coffee or stay in a place where history has passed. These are some examples of the need to relive a unique experience and here, you can find out.