Gustavo, a recycling artist.

Ingenuity is one of the faculties that few human beings can boast. Gustavo, a self-taught islander, creative of scrap metal and recycling.
A whole world to show and discover. Great creations that show the good work of this artist who puts all his soul and heart in each figure, a creative thought that exposes a reality in a multitude of pieces.


Juanito, passionate about the art of wood..

Juan Manuel Hernández Lorenzo, “Juanito” 54 years old and a native of the Los Quemados neighborhood in Fuencaliente.
Since he was a child, he has liked to make crafts with both iron and wood. He declares himself a totally self-taught person, and loves that job of carving wood in everything he does.
He works as a forestry agent, with the chainsaw and this has served him well.
Approximately two years ago, in a course, his teacher surprised him by building an eagle from a pine stump, that is when his concern and eagerness to create them, using Canary Pine and chestnut wood.
With his imagination and his hands, he is able to create true works of art.
We can find one of his Eagles in La Fajana Park, an eagle donated by Juanito for this neighborhood and its town, Fuencaliente.
A true artist who expresses his art with wood and his hands.