Echentive Beach

The lava from the eruption of the Teneguía volcano, which occurred between October and November 1971, gained ground from the sea and formed this beach, known as Playa Nueva or Playa de Echentive. Converted into a referent for bathers on the Fuencaliente coastline, it measures approximately 275m in length and offers a typically volcanic appearance, in which stone and gravels of different thickness predominate. Several trails allow the tour of the environment, which will allow us to discover the charms of this hidden spots of La Palma.
The unique landscape that surrounds Echentive Beach hides two spectacular natural pools at the foot of the nearby cliff where you can enjoy a relaxing bath even on days with the heaviest waves, as it does not affect you.
Nearby is the access to the gallery of the Holy Spring (La Fuente Santa), a healthy hot spring that was buried by the eruption of 1677 and rediscovered in 2000. Currently, there is a project to use it as a spa.