Santa Cecilia Church

Curious circular building built on the initiative of the landowner José Miguel de Sotomayor, as a tribute to his wife Ms. Cecilia Narváez Oliván on his properties in El Charco. It is located on a slope surrounded by the flows of the Volcán del Charco (1712), on the municipal limits with El Paso and Los Llanos de Aridane. Nearby, a small school was built for the children of El Charco, which is currently in a state of neglect. Both buildings were built throughout 1948 and 1949.

In the presbytery, there is a beautiful neo-Gothic altarpiece with three niches; to the right is an image of Saint Joseph in plaster, and in the left, there is the image of Our Lady of Carmen in the niche, also made in plaster; and finally, in the central niche, the image of Santa Cecilia is worshiped, head of the temple.

Every November 22, a mass is sung by the local choir and presided over by the parish priest of the municipality in a temple packed with the faithful. Once the mass is over, a small concert with the Fuencaliente Municipal Band takes place outside the temple just at sunset, creating a beautiful environment in the middle of the pine forest and volcanic lands.