La Casa del Volcán Winery

Located in a traditional construction dating from 1919, more than 100 years old!, And registered in the La Palma Wine Designation of Origin since 2009. It produces by hand and with minimal intervention, a wine dry white, brand, with the variety of grape known in Fuencaliente as “Bujariego”, which in other areas corresponds to “Vijariego blanco”, “Diego” or “Vijiriega common”, grown in the vicinity of the winery, on the 500 and 650 meters of altitude and is offered at its own point of sale. Traditionally very dry wine, light yellow or straw, little aromatic, highlighting the green apple, with high acidity and a certain bitterness.

Address: Calle Los Volcanes, 23
Los Canarios – 38740 – Fuencaliente de La Palma.
Tel.: +34.922.444.427 Fax: +34.922.444.427